Studer ONAIR1500-6FADER

Studer ONAIR1500-6FADER


OnAir 1500 Radio Broadcasting and Production Console.

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12-channel, 6-fader console with Studer NANO SCORE DSP and I/O Engine, 100 mm faders
6-fader add-on expansion module, 100mm faders
Super slim design for ergonomic table top installation
Flush-mount and 19″ rack-mount options available
Full channel processing, including four-band EQ, compressor, limiter, expander, gate and de-esser
Comprehensive monitoring and talkback with unique headphone split mode and internal speaker
OLEDs (Organic LED) in fader strips and central module provide clearest displays.
Ergonomic, easy-to-learn Touch ‘n’ Action™ user interface.
USB jingle playback and bus recording facilities
I/O Expansion through standard Studer D21m card slots
Complete integration with Radio Automation Systems, Studer’s Call Management System, and RELINK our I/O sharing technology
Advanced timer functionality
USB user identifier for easy user rights assignment
Standard I/O:
– Inputs: 16 Mic/Line, 4 stereo AES (with SRC), D21m card slot, USB
– Outputs: 16 Line Out, 4 stereo AES, D21m card slot, USB
– Control: 8 x GPI, 8 x GPO, Ethernet
– Busses: 1 stereo PGM, 1 stereo RECORD, 1 stereo PFL, 4 N–1 busses (AUX), 1 Audition, CR and ST monitoring (stereo)

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