• Portable USB/microSD amplifier
  • Be heard from a great distance without having to strain your voice, clearly and without distortion.
  • With wireless microphone to move freely.
  • Very easy to use, with its compact size and simple controls.
  • It’s tough and robust for everyday use. ABS built.
  • It is comfortable and ergonomically designed for prolonged use and comes with a clip, waist strap and carrying bag.
  • With a long-life rechargeable battery, it’s ideal for working for an entire day.
  • With USB/microSD music player and voice recorder to make lessons and lectures more enjoyable.
  • For teachers, trainers, speakers, tour guides and sports coaches.

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FEATURES:Portable waist amplifier.
USB/MicroSD recorder/player.
Digital FM tuner.
Recording 128 Kbps.
Autonomy: 9 h average volume.
Huge range.
POWER:30W maximum
SPEAKERS:3″ with neodymium magnet
RESPONSE:120-12,000 Hz
MICROPHONE:Cable 1 m. 3.5 mm stereo jack connector
INPUTS:1 electret mic, 3.5 mm stereo jack 680 Ω 3 mV
1 auxiliary, 3.5 mm stereo jack 22,000 Ω 600 mV
CONTROLS:Volume on / off
Touch for recorder / player
POWER SUPPLY:Rechargeable Li-ion battery, 2,000 mAh 3.7V Charging time: 3 h
DIMENSIONS:90 x 116 x 32 mm depth
WEIGHT:0.2 kg
ACCESSORIES:USB to micro USB cable for recharging
Transport belt
Carrying case