Martin Audio X12

Martin Audio X12


Blackline X12

Compact Passive Two-Way System

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The X12 is an ultra-compact passive two-way system featuring an 12” (300mm)/2.5” (64mm) voice coil LF driver and a 1” (25mm) HF driver mounted on a 80° x 50° horn. The X12 is a plywood cabinet with a screw-free steel grille, M8 inserts for a wall bracket and eyebolt suspension, plus a pole- mount socket (with concealed cover). For all installed or portable applications. 50Hz-20kHz -10dB. 122dB Cont. 128dB peak.

Features                                                                                                   Applications

  • Compact passive two-way system                                                                                 √ Portable sound reinforcement
  • Symmetrical multi-angle plywood enclosure                                                                √ Live music clubs
  • User-rotatable 80° x 50° horn                                                                                       √ Bars and restaurants
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation                                                                                 √ Nightclubs
  • Screw-free, cloth-backed perforated steel grille                                                          √ Unobtrusive stage monitoring
  • Integral ergonomic handle                                                                                               √ Corporate AV events and conferences
  • Pole-mount bung maintains clean lines                                                                         √ Weddings and parties
  • 8Ω nominal impedance                                                                                                    √ Main PA infill
  • Twin NL4 connectors                                                                                                       √ Secondary stages at festivals
  • Flexible mounting options via M8 inserts                                                                     √ HoW, leisure centres and retail outlets




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Additional information

Weight 17 kg

TYPE : Compact, passive two-way system
FREQUENCY RESPONSE : 62Hz-20kHz ± 3dB, -10dB @ 50Hz
DRIVER : LF: 12” (300mm)/2.5” (63.5mm) voice coil, ferrite motor system
HF: 1” (25mm) exit/1.7” (44mm) voice coil, polyimide dome compression driver
RATED POWER : 300W AES, 1200W peak
MAXIMUM SPL : 122dB continuous, 128dB peak
DISPERSION : 80° H x 50° V (user-rotatable)
CROSSOVER : 2.3kHz passive
ENCLOSURE : Multi-angle birch/poplar ply
FINISH : Black textured paint
PROTECTIVE GRILLE : Black perforated steel with scrim cloth backing
CONNECTORS : 2 x NL4 type
PIN CONNECTIONS (LINK) : 1+/- to 1+/-
FITTINGS : 20 x M8 inserts, pole-mount socket, 1 x bar handle
DIMENSIONS : (W) 358mm x (H) 574mm x (D) 337mm
(W) 14.1ins x (H) 22.6ins x (D) 13.7ins
ACCESSORIES : Wall bracket, eyebolts

Architectural Specs

Martin Audio Blackline X12
The loudspeaker shall be a passive, two-way system. Its transducers shall consist of a reflex-loaded 12” low frequency driver and a 1.7” diaphragm/1” exit compression driver mounted on a high frequency horn which shall be user-rotatable to enable vertical or horizontal orientation of the enclosure.

Horizontal dispersion shall be 80° and vertical dispersion shall be 50°. The on-axis frequency response shall be 62Hz-20kHz +/- 3dB and the loudspeaker shall produce a maximum SPL of 128dB peak calculated at 1 metre. Power handling shall be 300W AES, 1200W peak. Rated impedance shall be 8 ohms.

The rear connector panel shall be fitted with two NL4 type connectors. Low and high frequency sections shall be integrated by an internal 2.3kHz passive network. For optimal performance the loudspeaker shall be operated in conjunction with a dedicated electronic controller.

The symmetrical, multi-angle enclosure shall be made from plywood and finished with a black textured paint. Optional white and RAL colour finishes shall be available to special order. The enclosure shall be fitted with a pole-mount socket and M8 threaded inserts to accommodate eyebolt suspension and a wall bracket. The drivers shall be protected by a perforated steel grille with scrim cloth backing.

Dimensions (W x H x D) shall be 358mm x 574mm x 337mm (14.1in x 22.6in x 13.7in). Weight shall be 17kg (37.5lbs).

The loudspeaker shall be the Martin Audio Blackline X12.

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