• The SCD-600 digital conference system is the ideal solution for any type of conference.
  • Ensures communication between participants and improves collaborative work.
  • Cat 5e, Cat 6 cables for connection between devices which reduces cost and ensures an easy installation. Allows a cable length of 100m.
  • A versatile system, perfect for conferences of any size.
  • The conference system manages speaker participation by controlling the maximum number of active microphones at the same time. Microphones are push-button activated and the chairman microphone may take priority over delegate microphones. Supports one chairman microphone.
  • The main unit powers of up to 16 microphones with the possibility to expand up to 72 microphones in total with the optional mod. microphone extension SCD-630EXT.
  • The optional SCD-610P and SCD-620D mod. microphones have LCD information display, voting buttons, monitor loudspeaker and headphone output. They do not require any additional power supply and are immediately recognised by the SCD-600 central unit without configuration.
  • It is a fully digital system that offers excellent sound quality and a multitude of options such as:
    – Priority control with delegate cut-off while the chairman is in priority and selection of maximum number of microphones in operation
    – Live voting with live voting results.
    – Session recording on USB storage device
    – Audio file playback via USB port
    – DSP functions and feedback suppressor on each microphone
    – PC software with a multitude of configuration and conference control options.
    – Android App
    – DANTE compatibility (otional mod. SCD-640DT)
    – Analogue inputs and outputs with market standard connections: XLR and RCA
    – Control of a PTZ camera
    – Integration with fire alarm systems.
  • Conference rooms, plenary sessions, parliaments, business centres
FEATURES: Control unit.
LCD information display.
USB recorder/player.
Priority control with delegate cut-off while the chairman is in priority.
Selector for maximum number of microphones in operation.
Power supply for 16 microphones (8 on each of the 2 microphone ports). Control of up to 72 microphones in total with the SCD-630EXT microphone extension.
The system supports 1 chairman microphone.
Transition of control and audio signals between the control unit and the microphones.
Live polling possible.
DSP function and feedback suppressor.
Connection between system elements with Cat 5e, Cat 6 cable.
PC software for configuration and control.
Control of 1 PTZ camera
RESPONSE: 20- 20,000 Hz
INPUTS: 2 conference microphone ports, RJ45
1 Ethernet, RJ45
1 RS-485 PTX camera control, RJ45
1 Alarm-in, activation of alarm status by contact closure. Euroblock
1 balanced microphone, XLR
1 line (Aux and Alarm), 2 x RCA
OUTPUTS: 2 recording, 2 x RCA
1 unbalanced line, 2 x RCA
POWER SUPPLY: 230/115 V AC, 350 W
DIMENSIONS: 483 x 88 x 330 mm depth. 2 U 19″ rack
WEIGHT: 5.65 kg
OPTIONAL: SCD-610P: president desktop microphone
SCD-620D: delegate desktop microphone
SCD-630EXT: microphone extension
SCD-640DT: DANTE expansion module