• They are horizontally adjustable and vertically and horizontally tiltable
  • Installation on horizontal and sloping ceilings
  • Tube with grommet
  • Extendable
  • Firm and secure hold

They optimise space and bring a new aesthetic to your home or business.
It is extendable from 38 to 58 cm, can be adjusted horizontally 360º, tilted vertically and laterally ±15º and can be installed on sloping ceilings from 0º to 90º.
Allows cables to be hidden inside the tube and comes with all accessories for quick and easy installation.
For domestic use (home cinema) and professional (AV installations in schools, offices, shops, etc.).

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FEATURES:Adjustable and extendable ceiling mount for projectors.
Installation on flat and sloped ceilings.
Cable management tube.
MOUNT:Horizontally adjustable 360º
±15º vertical tilt
±15º sideways tilt
Installation on sloped ceilings of 0º to 90º
Distance to ceiling: extendable 38 to 58 cm
DIMENSIONS:Adjustable to the projector from 54 to 320 mm Ø
Ceiling plate: 13 x 11 cm
WEIGHT:1.2 kg
ACCESSORIES:Installation template, screws and mounting accessories

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