• Public address amplifier with USB/FM Player
  • A perfect solution integrating amplifier, mixer, player, microphone and auxiliary inputs in a single unit, for PA installations with 100 V or low impedance loudspeakers requiring intuitive operation on a tight budget.
  • Secure, easy-to-connect euroblock connectors.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • Modern and discreet design.
  • Compact size, for desktop use.
  • Perfect for PA and piped music systems with 100 V or low-impedance line. Commercial premises, educational centres, monuments, exhibitions, bars, restaurants

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FEATURES:Public address amplifier.
USB/FM player.
Microphone input with mix, gain and priority level control.
Tone controls.
100 V and 4 Ω outputs.
RESPONSE:20-20,000 Hz ± 3 dB
DISTORTION:Harmonic: <1% at 1 kHz
INPUTS:1 balanced / unbalanced mic,
euroblock / 6.3 mm jack, 600 Ω 6 mV RMS
1 balanced mic, euroblock, 600 Ω 6 mV RMS
2 aux, euroblock / 2 x RCA, 47,000 Ω 300 mV RMS
1 x 100 V line , euroblock
FUNCTIONS:Input priority.
100V Emergency input with maximum priority, attenuates the rest of the inputs.
Mute by contact closure, attenuates all inputs except the 100 V Emergency input.
Microphone 1 and 2 with priority over Aux input and Player, by signal level, selectable.
Power on, protection, peak signal and output signal indicator lights
Induction cooling without fan.
CONTROLS:Microphone volume
Selected input volume
Input selector
USB/FM player controls
Tone: bass and treble
Microphone gain and priority
REPRODUCTOR:USB player with background music playback mode. When switched on, automatically starts playback
FM digital tuner with presets and automatic scanning
Memory of last mode selected (USB or FM), last song played or last station tuned.
Starts playing in successive order
IMPEDANCE:4 Ω and 100 V line, euroblock
POWER SUPPLY:230/115 V AC, 100 W
DIMENSIONS:286 x 84 x 225 mm depth
WEIGHT:3.8 kg