USB/SD megaphone with siren

Portable megaphone with 25 W of power.
It allows to be heard with high intelligibility over long distances in noisy environments and outdoors.
In addition, it incorporates:
– USB/SD player to play pre-recorded messages and siren for alarm situations.
– Ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip.
– Trigger type button for activation.
– Strap for safety, ease of use and transport.
– Microphone in the body of the megaphone.
Powered by batteries or 12 V DC input.

Ideal for demonstrations, street markets, outdoor team management, sporting events, emergency announcements, etc.

FEATURES:Megaphone with siren and USB/SD player.
POWER:25 W maximum, 10 W RMS
POWER SUPPLY:8 x LR14-C batteries
12 V DC input,
5.5 x 2.1 mm connector
DIMENSIONS:23 cm Ø x 37 cm length
WEIGHT:0.95 kg