• PA amplifier with USB/SD player and digital FM tuner.
  • Suitable for commercial installations, PA and distributed audio.

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FEATURES:PA amplifier.
USB/SD player.
Digital FM radio tuner.
Phantom power supply.
Priority paging.
RESPONSE:Microphones: 80-18,000 Hz
Aux: 50-20,000 Hz
DISTORTION:Harmonic: < 0.5%
S/N RATIO:Microphones: > 60 dB
Aux: > 70 dB
INPUTS:2 balanced mics/lines, combo (XLR and 6.3 mm jack), 0.8 mV RMS and 80 mV RMS switchable.
1 aux, 2 x RCA and 3.5 mm jack, 90 mV RMS and 45 mV RMS
OUTPUTS:1 line out, 2 x RCA, 700 mV RMS
Bass: ±10 dB
Treble: ±10 dB
Volume: inputs 1 to 2, aux/mp3, general volume and USB/SD/FM player
PLAYER:USB/SD player and digital FM tuner with preset channels and auto-scan
PHANTOM:24 V in mics 1 to 2, selectable
PRIORITY:Priority 1: Mic 1, 2 through signal level (same priority level)
IMPEDANCE:4 Ω and 100 and 70 V lines, screw terminals
POWER SUPPLY:230/115 V AC, 83 W
DIMENSIONS:320 x 88 x 225 mm depth
WEIGHT:4.4 kg