Hanging coaxial loudspeaker

  • Modern design that allows it to be integrated as a decorative element of your installation, making it go unnoticed.
    Coaxial speaker providing a crisp, clean sound, perfect for both speech and background music.
    It provides uniform horizontal coverage, suitable for solving reverberation and echo problems in rooms with high volume.
    Includes ceiling mount bracket for easy installation.
    Constructed with protection for protected outdoor use.
FEATURES:Pendant loudspeaker with 100 V line transformer and low impedance. Coaxial speaker, crisp and clean sound. Uniform horizontal coverage. Modern design.
POWER:30 W maximum, 30 W RMS
Tweeter: ½”
RESPONSE:70-20,000 Hz
IMPEDANCE:High Z line 100 V:
30 W RMS@100/70 V (330 Ω/170 Ω)
20 W RMS@100/70 V (500 Ω/250 Ω)
15 W RMS@100/70 V (660 Ω/330 Ω)
10 W RMS@100/70 V (1.000 Ω/500 Ω)
5 W RMS@100/70 V (2.000 Ω/1.000 Ω)
Low Z:
30 W RMS@8 Ω
SENSITIVITY:91 dB at 1 W / 1 m
MATERIAL:Extra resistant ABS and aluminium grille
COLOUR:White (RAL 9002)
DIMENSIONS:187 mm Ø x 245 mm high
WEIGHT:2.1 kg
ACCESSORIES:Ceiling mounting bracket