The VIO S118 is an active bass reflex subwoofer designed to deliver powerful low-frequency performance. With its 1×18″ LF driver and 4″ voice coil, it is capable of producing deep and impactful bass response. The speaker has an omnidirectional directivity, ensuring consistent sound coverage throughout the venue.

Powered by the Digipro® G4 amplifier, the VIO S118 offers 1600W RMS power and a peak power of 3200W, providing ample headroom for demanding applications. The amplifier operates with Class D technology, delivering efficient and high-quality audio reproduction. It features a cooling system that combines convection and an internal fan to maintain optimal operating temperatures.

The subwoofer is equipped with a DSP controller, featuring a 32-bit processor and a 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converter. This advanced processing allows for precise control over the audio signal and enables the implementation of various features. The limiter function protects the speaker from overloading, ensuring reliable performance. The VIO S118 also offers a delay option, allowing precise time alignment in multi-speaker setups.

The crossover frequency between the low-frequency and high-frequency drivers is selectable, ranging from 60Hz to 110Hz, with the option for full-range operation. The LF-Xover out slope is set at 24dB/octave, ensuring a smooth transition between frequency ranges. These adjustable parameters allow for seamless integration with other speakers and tailored sound reinforcement setups.

In terms of connectivity, the VIO S118 provides multiple input and output options. It features a balanced XLR input and a link output, as well as an RJ45 link for RDNet integration. Additionally, expansion options include an RDNet card (included) and an optional Dante card for audio networking applications. Mains connections are provided via PowerCON TRUE1 In and Out sockets.

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Technical Data
Speaker TypeActive Horn-Loaded Flyable Subwoofer
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [-6 dB]39 Hz to Cut Freq (X-Over Dependent)
Frequency Response [-10 dB]36 Hz (HPF)
Max SPL139 dB
LF1×18″, Neodymium
Voice Coil LF4″
Amp TechnologyDigipro® G4
Amp ClassClass D
RMS Power1600 W
Peak Power3200 W
Power Supply1600 W with PFC
ControllerDSP 32
AD/DA Converter24 bit 96 kHz
LimiterRMS, Peak, Thermal
Delay Option0-9.9 ms internal
Steps of 0.1 ms
Crossover Frequency LF-HF60-110 Hz + Full range
LF-Xover out slope24 dB/Octave
Signal Input1x XLR balanced
Signal Output1x XLR balanced (link or X-over)
1x RJ45 LINK (RDNet)
Expansion Card1x RJ45 IN (RDNet)
1x RJ45 LINK (RDNet)
Power Socket1x PowerCON TRUE1 IN
Controls1x Input Attenuation Rotary Switch
1x Rotary Encoder (Delay 9.9 ms)
1x Polarity Inversion Switch (0° or 180°)
1x Cardioid Mode Switch
1x X-Over Freq Switch (60-110 Hz + Full Range)
1x System Auto-test
HousingMultiplex plywood
Polyurea painted
Handles2x Per Side
Pole MountM20 Thread
Rigging Points2x Pick Points on top to fix DRK-210 rigging frame (stack use)
4x Pick Points on top and 4x on bottom for rigging
Width720 mm (28.34 in)
Height520 mm (20.47 in)
Depth695 mm (27.36 in)
Weight45.1 kg (99.42 lbs)