Born as an evolution of wooden LVX active series, the new LVX P family moves into the installation world with a passive selection of cabinets where a clean, essential design merges with a very detailed and coherent audio performance.

LVX P cabinets are equipped with premium components and are designed to render speech, live or background music in medium to large venues delivering a clear, detailed audio performance.

Full range LVX P10 provides a 90×70 dispersion pattern and is equipped with a rotatable horn to guarantee the same HF coverage even in case of horizontal install.

The solid plywood enclosures features a clean, install-friendly design featuring 12 M8-thread rigging points to ease installation with dedicated horizontal (WB-LP10H or vertical brackets (VB-LP810V).

The cabinet features an integrated handle on back side and a 36 mm pole mount plate.

All enclosures and accessories of LVX P series are available in black or white version.

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Technical Data

  • Speaker Type: 2-Way Passive Speaker

Acoustical Data

  • Peak Power: 600 W
  • Impedance: 8 Ohms
  • Frequency Response [- 10 dB]: 73- 19.000 Hz
  • Max SPL: 125 dB
  • HF: 1 “œ, 1″ v.c.
  • Directivity: 90×70 °
  • Horn: Rotatable
  • LF: 10“œ, 1.5″ v.c.


  • Signal Input: 1x Speakon (Pin 1+=+) (Pin 1-=-)
  • Signal Output: 1x Speakon (Pin 1+=+) (Pin 1-=-)


  • Housing: Plywood
  • Pole Mount: 36 mm
  • Angle Up: Monitor use 40°
  • Rigging Points: 12 x M8
  • Handles: 1 on back side
  • Width: 300 mm
  • Height: 496 mm
  • Depth: 298 mm
  • Weight: 9.3 kg