Beyerdynamic Unite TP

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Digital bodypack transmitter, EU version, 1880 – 1900 MHz, with OLED- display, int. microphone, mute button,  stereo mini-jack (headset), mini-XLR, Bluetooth, line-in mini-jack,  USB-C, int. Li-Ion battery, incl. belt clip, strap

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DECT RF frequency range : 1880 – 1930 MHz,depending on the country
DECT transmission power : up to 250 mW (peak), depending on the country
DECT operating range : up to 300 m outside
(line of sight); the actual operating range depends upon the RF output settings, the surroundings, the signal absorption, signal reflection and signal interference ,Audio bandwidth
Low quality (SD) : 50 Hz – 7 kHz (-3 dB)
High quality (HD) : 50 Hz – 14 kHz (-3 dB)
Operating mode : Broadcast and/or full-duplex on all routes
Encryption : AES-256 encryption Headphone/headset/
induction loop connector : 4-pin mini jack, 3.5 mm, CTIA Standard
Microphone connector : 4-pin mini XLR jack, male (4.5 V bias voltage, beyerdynamic TG pin assignment)
Integrated microphone : yes



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